• Marketing Technologist
  • VP or Director of Communities/Engagement
  • Social Media & Communities Strategist
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Senior Digital Strategist
  • Director of New Media
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Online Community Manager
  • Director of Community Development
  • Digital Communications Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist/Account Executive
  • Emerging Media Manager
Quality Services and Results
We identify and recruit passive as well as active candidates. We screen by at least two interviews (one in-person) prior to presenting resumes to you for consideration, and we ensure accuracy by our professional reference checking process. We only introduce candidates who meet your requirements and high standards.
Our recruiters are social media-savvy communications and marketing practitioners who previously worked at agencies and corporations.
Disciplined, efficient search process with goal to introduce the successful candidate within 30 days. Post-interview, you can expect regular updates regarding search progress, assessment of candidates and reference findings.
Free replacement search in the unlikely event the selected candidate is terminated for performance reasons within the first 90 days employment.
Open communication about your company, organizational structure, work environment and hiring goals.
Same-day feedback, after interviews with candidates we introduce to you.
Ability to hire an ideal candidate in a timely manner.